Let your flower grow in me

Hand-dyed silk: avocado and willow, unknown sticks and lichen, copper nails

Never take more than you can hold in your hands (Arisen, an uneasy gift)

Hand-dyed silk: sunflower, willow, aloe, oak, bay, mugwort, marigold, daffodil, mimosa, rosemary, onion,   pansy, copper nails, crocheted cotton dyed with black bean, willow, unknown twig and lichen 2019

Uncovered by a good storm (Winnowing)

Glazed ceramic beads, hand-dyed silk: rosemary and onion, wool, willow twigs, cotton, copper nails

Yes, but not yet (wait for the fullness)

Tree of Heaven samoras, Passiflora tendrils, glazed ceramic beads, hand-dyed silk: passiflora, blackberry, wine, cornflower, rose, apple bark, glazed ceramic bowl with unknown lichen and mugwort, hand-dyed silk: rose, vervain, passiflora, cornflower, willow twig, cotton thread, copper nails

We’ll teach you how to read water

Willow, cotton, ceramic talisman, hand-dyed silk: oak, rosemary, unknown twig and lichen, copper nails